Monday, 27 July 2009

Here we go...

I set up this blog some time ago, used a layout which I got from the internet and found that it didn't work, struggled for night upon night to try to correct the problems, without success. In the end I decided forget it, is a blog really worth it!!! I am a member of a yahoo cardmaking group where everybody is fantastic and helpful, one of the members has just set up a blog for card makers who dare not jump in and create and asked if I would be a designer, I agreed and then got an email asking for a picture and an introduction to me, she also asked for my blog address arrrrgghhh. Well I have taken the plunge tonight, changed the template and here we are, now the hard work is keeping up with it. Keep visiting to view and hopefully I will get there soon.


  1. Yay! Julie you made it! I'm impressed with your background, I have kept mine very simple indeed. I might have to re-think that idea after seeing yours. ;0)

  2. See got there in the end yay! Looking good hunny!