Thursday, 8 July 2010

Sophie joined in crafting tonight

Sophie, my daughter, joined me crafting tonight (I cringe everytime I hear can I use that, can I have a but of this !).  Have a look at the card she made on her blog  She took a picture on her new camera because she said she hasn't had time to update her blog for a while !!  If only she knew what it was like not to have time lol.


  1. I cringe too, because a 2 hr card (I'm trying to make) has turned into a 4 hr card with the "where's your cutter, where's the markers, where is....[the list goes on] " lol...but it's about the bonding, isn't it fun!!>>!>!>

  2. Hey need hide your stash girl!!! You've got competition there!!!

  3. Oh dear Ju, move over there is a new girl in town! Smoking!!!!

    Lin x