Sunday, 16 August 2009

Non stop weekend

I am sat updating my blog, Friday and Saturday was non stop, we have emptied our bedroom for a new carpet to be laid and new bed and furniture coming this week (I hope). We began on Friday night and emptied those drawers (the ones that are supposed to be for clothes but are full of my crafting things!!). How many "just in case" things do we crafters hoard. I can't believe how much I have in drawers, I go mad with my daughter for her bedroom being full of junk but I really need to take a look in the drawers I have all over the house. Anyway decided to paint the bedroom walls whilst it was empty, which then led to the skirting boards, the door had to be adjusted. I change the bed, washed the curtains and eventually about six o clock last night the bedroom was back to being as normal as it can be, the clothes are in suitcases waiting the new wardrobes and my crafting things in boxes to be sorted this week. I done the rest of my cleaning last night so today I am going out for lunch and then it is my time to get up to date with me swaps etc. Hope you all have a happy crafting Sunday.

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